Our Team

Isa Wang

Co-owner, Designer

Isa is a designer and a multi-disciplinary artist.

His hobbies include horseback riding, video games, and petting Basil.

Pronouns: He/Him

Isa’s Personal Portfolio
Vincent Frano

Co-owner, Illustrator

Vincent is an artist, herbalist, and horticulturalist.

He enjoys spending time with plants and insects in his garden and the forests around his home.

Pronouns: He/They

Vincent’s Personal Portfolio
Sarah Sproviero

Director of Culture & Strategy

Sarah has a real knack for creating systems and communities that are integrated, thoughtful and communicative.

She is based in upstate New York and loves drawing, cooking, and always has a song stuck in her head.

Pronouns: She/Her

Bee Leake

Communications Coordinator

Bee is a painter, cartoonist, and zine-maker who draws inspiration from the powerful, fragile natural systems all around us.

They enjoy science fiction, vegan cooking, mail art, and writing to their penpals.

Pronouns: They/Them

Bee’s Personal Portfolio
Amirah Mahdy

Administrative Assistant

Amirah is one of our helping hands at the studio.

She hopes to grow and gain new abilities at the Bower Studio.

Pronouns: She/Her

Brenda Roswess

Studio Assistant

Brenda is an art witch with an extra special place in her heart for books. She teaches book arts workshops to other witches to share the magick of creation. She enjoys vibing in her astral cabin, timeline jumping, and making friends with plants. When her head isn’t in the clouds you can find her baking, spoiling her cat, looking up celeb's birth charts and reading tarot.

Pronouns: She/They

Brenda’s Personal Portfolio
Artemis Duffy

Studio Assistant

Artemis is a queer trans-masculine person currently living in Western MA but was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up in DC. He is passionate about sustainable agriculture, botany, love politics, taking beautiful hikes and engaging with my community as much as possible. He loves painting, charcoal drawing and print making.

Pronouns: He/They

portraits illustrated by @makowwka


Studio Pup

If she could, she would sniff the entire world!

Basil enjoys running as fast as possible, excitedly yelling in dog-speak, and keeping tabs on the local chipmunks.

Pronouns: She/Puppo
Favorite Snack: Oyster Crackers


Napping Expert

Before joining the Bower Studio team, Zorg worked diligently as a smell inspector, occasional dogsledder, and indie film actor. He loves sweet potatoes, bread, and singing to his friends and friends-to-be.

Pronouns: He/Him
Favorite Snack: Sweet Potato

Basil Portrait by Sarah Sproviero. Zorg portrait by Bee Leake.